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2/20/06  President's Day '06!  Perfect time for me to do the semi-annual update that nobody will read.  Bought a house in September, that's right, I'm a homeowner.  Not bad digs either, corner lot, 2100 square feet, hot tub.  It's not new but it's nice.  Thinking about getting back into hockey and regretting having sold some of my old gear cause I have to buy it all again.  Traded in my Hemi for a red Avalanche that I hate, but I'll be trading that bitch in here in about a month.  There's not much else to tell besides my 31st birthday, and getting a siberian husky/wolf mix puppy who's growing fast as fuck.  Anyway, I'll be back maybe after I start playing hockey again, or when softball starts, so don't hold your breath, both are a couple of months out, at least!

5/11/05  That's a little better, only 4 months this time.  Here's what's happened since my birthday.  I finally got to see Otep again, my girl took me and hated every minute of it.  It's just not her bag, and I warned her, but she got all kinds of free shit from the other bands.  Another hockey season, another second place finish.  It's a good thing that there were only 4 teams so we could get into the playoffs, but we did beat the number 1 team 2-0 in the semis.  They we got spanked in the best of three championship series by the team we never beat in the regular season.  We almost pulled out the first game.  We were up 1-0 and they got a goal with less than 5 seconds in the 2nd period to tie it up, then got a break away goal in sudden death OT for the win.  They spanked us the second game 4-2 or something like that, but it's all good, I'm done with hockey, forever, sold all my gear and everything.  My girl finally sold her money pit Nissan Altima so she could fix up her Eagle Talon.  The engine has been re-sealed, front end damage from a crash before she got it has been fixed, and as I type, the transformation from red to Dallas Cowboys blue is being completed.  It will be nice for her to have it back, we'll be picking it up on Friday.  City league softball started, it's all I'll be doing this summer besides paintball.  We played in a tourney and sucked, we had two of the teams we were playing forfeit and the one team we did play beat us, so we'll see how it goes.  We're going to a tourney in Cascade where we get to camp out on the lake and get drunk while we aren't playing.  It's always good times.  That's about it for now, later.

1/17/05  'Wait, I do have a website!'  7.5 months/update, don't know if I can keep up this pace.  We unded up 2nd over the summer in hockey, but we are sucking huge, hairy balls this winter.  We have 2 wins in like a dozen games and they were both shutouts, our offense is lacking, to say the least.  30th b-day tomorrow, nice, my girl hooked me up with presents, meals, and money.  Paintball ended up sucking, I'll make a couple of upgrades to my marker and give it another season and re-evaluate at that point.  Went snowboarding at a new resort last Monday, it was hella good snow and the mountain is decent, it's called Tamarack.  Still not smokin, it's been almost a year now and I can't say I really miss it.  Otep is coming to town next week and my girl is taking me, I'm stoked cause the new album rocks!  Anyway, that's about it, don't hold your breath for the next update. 

6/1/04  Hockey: won our first game of the playoff, got our asses kicked the second round.  New season has started, check it, we are 3-0-1, unheard of!  Vegas was sweet, my first time, the paintball wasn't so sweet, we got worked, but we weren't dead last and we beat the asses off the team that ended up 3rd, and hung with the team that won.  Next tourney will be Salt Lake City in July, should be nice and wholesome!  Got me a sexy new girl, 9.8 on hotornot, oooh me so lucky!  Not going to Ozzfest, need to get the new Slipknot album and the new Otep album when it comes out in July, I think.  I finally quit smoking when I got back from Vegas, March 1st, haven't had one smoke since.  Anyway, hockey again tonight, should be a good game.  Y'all can kiss my white ass cause my girlfriend is wayyy hotter than yours!

2/21/04  Ozzfest lineup is out, looks pretty good, and it's looking like my day will be July 27th.  I'm looking forward to Slipknot again and Hatebreed should kick much ass.  Gettin' ready for Vegas, it's like 4 days away.  The IRS can take a big suck of my white ass.  My mom's b-day is tomorrow.  Regular hockey season is finally over, we were like 4-14-2, but we're guaranteed at least one playoff game, so we'll see how that shit works.  Oh yea, I got my nipples pierced a couple of weeks ago, and that shit hurt like a mutha fucka!  It's all good now, they are healing nicely.  Anyway, next update after Vegas for sure this time.  Late




1/29/04  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy b-day to me, and fuck you!  B-day was good, I'm a breath away from 30, still feelin frisky though.  Paintball tourney in Vegas is coming up at the end of Feb. so I'll be there for a few days and hopefully we'll kick some ass!  I finally got a new truck, it's an '03, 3/4 ton, quad cab, dark green Dodge Ram Hemi, nice ride, I'm diggin it, check it out in the pix.  I got a camera and I'm gonna go broke buying film for it, I'm burning through that shit faster that mice fuck.  Have to say hi to my girl Dee in case she stops by.  You rawk!!!  Anyway, that's it, prolly be after paintball when I update.  Late

12/7/03  Lazy ass mofo!  Good thing nobody visits my site unless I tell them too once I've updated.  Or maybe that's the reason no one visits, they are tired of reading the same old shit!  Honoraree invitee to the site today is Christa.  She's stopping by to see the pics, so hopefully she hangs around for a bit and checks out the goods and feels flattered that I said hi on the site.  Hi Christa!  Thanks for stopping by.  Okay, meat and potatoes time.  Thanksgiving was just as it always is, filling and shitty cause I always have to work after the eating.  Static X was in town last Saturday, so I went and paid my respects, absolutely a must see if they wind up in your town.  I got a little bit of a cold on Sunday after the show, but I'm almost over it, yay!  Although I do enjoy reviving my infatuation with NyQuil and DayQuil, they are my best friends in time of sickness.  I'll be working my ass off over the next couple of weeks, gotta get them bills paid!  I may pull my head out of my ass and actually buy Xmas presents before the actually deadline.  Anyway, I'm out, sleepy time.  Hockey team is shitty as usual, but we're showing signs of life! 

9/23/03  Baby mama drama!  I've moved again, my homie and I were doing fine with the two of us in our duplex, then he's obsessed with the idea of getting back together with his son's mother and.  So much so that he moves her in against my wishes.  So for almost a month there were three adults and two kids under 4 sharing a small 3 bed 2 bath duplex.  They were trying to work it out so I found a new place.  The morning of the day I give the landlord money and sign the lease he tells me he's kicking her out cause she's emailing this dude on the net, which is why they broke up in the first place, she was fucking around on him!  So I move anyway and now it's just me.  I missed Ozzfest this year and I'm ashamed.  Winter hockey season starts tomorrow night.  We made it to the semifinal round over the summer and got beat 3-2 by the undefeated team who kicked everybody's asses all season long and they only beat us on a lucky bounce.  Any of you fuckers who haven't been to I've added the link so go and get your read on.  It's good stuff, and if they come to your town, you better go see them. 

6/12/03  K, so I'm not Johnny on the spot with the updates, fucking shoot me.  I've been 28 for a long time, a new hockey season has started and is halfway over, city league softball is almost over, thank god, we totally sucked this summer.  I'm getting more and more addicted to hockey, even though we still aren't very good.  Most of the reason why I haven't updated til now, besides being busy as hell, is my video card driver was fucked and only displayed 16 color, which made everything look shitty.  I fixed it today and figured I might as well update, just in case someone reads this.  Ozzfest is just around the corner.  Can you hear my penis swelling?  Saturday morning is the beginning of my nearly month long, paid vacation.  I know you can hear my penis swelling now.

1/14/03  4 days and counting to my 28th.  I'm werking that night, but I'll make up for it on Sunday night.  You see, this little shithole bar below another bar is closing, and they're having a $10 all you can drink, ANYTHING you want.  I'll prolly hit 'em up for a few too many Jack and cokes or something spendy like that.  Anyway, on to the reason I'm updating.  I have freedom at long last.  My girlfriend/not legally married but we considered ourselves, wife broke up after 4 blissful years.  I'm not on the prowl, yet, I have a few fish to fry prior to that, i.e. moving into my new place with my buddy on the 25th of this month.  Can't wait for that, living out of boxes sucks.  I will be setup with broadband online service shortly after the move.  Stay tuned.


12/18/02  Exactly 30 days til my 28th, fuck I'm getting old, but I'm finally starting to feel younger, go figure.  I've been werking two jobs, hence the lack of timely updates.  It sucks starting a new job, you start as the little bitch on the bottom of the scrotem pole.  But, everybody likes me, not that I care, and I should get a raise and more hours soon, yippee!!  I finally went to a pro hockey game, it wasn't NHL, but the guys do get paid to play and they kick ass.  I may go to a game tonight if I don't have to werk.  Hockey update:  We fucking suck ass!!  We won our first game on Monday night bringing our record to a not so embarrassing 1-12-1.  Thats right sports fans, 1 win out of 14 games.  We won in respectable fasion, too.  1-0 shutout, granted it was the 3rd place team out of 4 teams, but we still beat those fuckers!  Any who, Papa Roach and ICP are coming, I'm tempted to to see Papa Roach again, but it's on a night I werk and I've seen them a few times.  We'll see, I may just hold out to see if any other shows sign on.  Aight, that's quite enough for now.  One last thing, I signed up for hotornot and I'm a solid 8.3, but as soon as I total 1k votes, Imma submit a new pic, the one up there now is total cheez.  Ok, two last things, the snow has piled up to the federal minimum depth and the resort open tomorrow, good thing I have to werk!!!  Late!

7/21/02  Fuck!!  I didn't think it was that long since I updated last!  Ok, hockey team like 5-5 now, we shutout an undefeated team 2-0 on the 16th.  My city league softball team is done with our season and had an end of season tournament.  We were down 5-4 in the bottom of the eight, we are the home team and have a man on 1st with 2 outs.  I come to the plate and hit a walkoff tournament winning home run over the center field fence.  That felt good, my team loves me now.   A bunch of the guys from the team get together every year and play golf, I never played golf in my life, except for the driving range.  So I went, got drunk, played golf, passed out, went to a bbq that the team has every year and got drunk again.  Drunk twice in one day, yep, it's been awhile since I did that, and damn, I missed it!  Everyone must thank Gabby for the update, she got me off my lazy ass to do it!  Also, everyone has to be jealous of Chaucey, his sister is now a roomate of a hot, nympho chick we work with, so he wins the fucker of the month award.

6/11/02  Ok, it's time again.  First hockey, our team is 2-3 and the goals against average  is dropping.  21 in 5 games, that's 4.2 per game, not impressive, but an improvement.  Next, softball, finally hitting homeruns and winning games.  Tournament outta town on the 22nd and 23rd of this month.  Get to go camping for the first time in years.  And it would be inhumane and down right rude if I didn't say hi to Gabby.  I told her I would and told her to check back in a few days.  I stil say I started that whole Gabble thing :)  Anyway, softball tonight and Friday, hockey tomorrow.  I'm out for now.

4/2702  Not bad, an update every 20 fucking days!  Not much new.  Had my first softball game on Wednesday, we lost.  I had a chance to win the fucker, but choked and popped up to the catcher with 2 men on base, down by one run with 2 outs.  That won't happen again or I'll shoot myself in the balls with a shotgun.  I'm never going to get a truck unless I get a hella phat bonus in July.  I saw a 2001 Tahoe with a 5" lift that gave me a stiffy, so now I can't decide wether to get something like that, or my truck.  If I had the cash I would snatch the Tahoe, it's a fucking mean rig.  I may have fucked it up for good this time and I may be free soon.  I dream of it every year to go to Ozzfest, free.  For those who don't have a clue, stay tuned, an explanation will follow specific occurences.  Cookie stopped by, but I'm not sure if Chaucey did or not. 

4/8/02  My bad, forgot to pull my head out the ass and do an update.  10 lbs down, 20 or so to go.  Chauncey and Cookie will be dropping by, someday, so fuck off when you get here.  I finally got ALL of my hockey gear so I have a semi.  I've returned to an old, nasty habit, IRC.  Haven't been there for years and got back on about a week ago.  All I can think about is Ozzfest and getting my new truck.

3/26/02  I'm on a diet.  I want to get down to 240, at least, by Ozzfest so I don't look like a pasty pig, just pasty.  I haven't weighed that since my senior year in high school.  I am also concerned for my poor snowboard.  I broke one 2 years ago when I weighed about 15lbs less than I do now.  This is my diet:  For one whole week each month, veggies, fruit, and tuna right out of the can, no mayo, miracle spew, nothing.  Fruit juices and water for the beverage.  I am supplementing exercise with crack in a bottle, Twinlab diet fuel, chromium piccolinate, ephedrin, and other choice ingredients.  I am getting some exercise once, sometimes twice a week getting in shape for hockey.  It is a serious fucking workout.  I will keep you posted on the progress.  Starting weight:  270

3/23/02  Ok, so I didn't plan to update/say anything until Sunday, but it's like this.  The Ozzfest schedule is out, and the Gorge is scheduled just where I wanted it to August.  I wanted it in August to give me some time to get my new truck so the crew and I can ride to Washington in comfort and style.  I will have the credit report spit shined by June, but it's the down-payment monies that I lack, hence the later into the summer Ozzfest came to the Gorge, the better.  So fuckoff and check the Ozzfest link to find your lucky date.  Mine is August 27th.

5/21/02  Finally, the countdown has creeped under 100 days.  Softball and hockey tonight.  Worked out okay when it happend 2 weeks ago, won both.  Hockey team is 1-2 and I'm giving up 5.3 gpg, but not for long, I broke a bad habit, and learned how to kick save.  I should have updated before I gave Mel the link, but oh, well, I just made her jealous anyway.  I still say stick with the 'kick the ass of the bitch that wrecked your day' plan.  My buddy Allain graduated with a 4 year degree before I did, what an asshole.  I'd have never thought it.  Oh well, good job buddy, hope you see you again soon.  I'm out!