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Leu's Mind and Body Shop

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Pix of me, my toys, my escapades


The Bike

Heritage Softail Classic, mmmmm, beefy.  I don't have her yet, but she will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.


Here's a pic of my ugly ass doing one of the things I do best.  This was in the hotel I stayed at when I went to Whistler in Jan '01.  This is pretty much what me and the crew did when we weren't ripping the weak snow we didn't get on the mountain.  If you listen very carefully you can hear my liver screaming in agony.  I spent my whole life preparing that motherfucker for binges like the one I had that trip.  I never let up on the bitch.


Feeding the addiction

This is why I live where I live, why I work like a dog during the summer and fall, why I put up with the fucked up shit life throws at us all.  I know that when there is snow on the ground I can drive up the mountain and rip it all away.


The girlfriend of mine that is hotter than yours.


Here's another pic of my ugly ass doing another one of the things I do best.  I really should quit, but then I think to myself, "Remus, you quit several times a day.  What you really should do is work on not lighting up another."


Hemi!  Finally got the bitch!


My ugly ass hotornot pic that my sexy ass girl made me put on to make the bitches and ho's jealous



This is six of seven, the biggest, best, and most expensive of the lot.  The only thing that sucks about it is the guy who did it had his own way of letting it heal.  Well he was wrong.  I listened to the fucker rather than doing it the way I had with my first five that all turned out fine.  Thanks to me he has changed his philosophy on healing.  All that aside, the guy is good, and he gave me a good deal on my next tat cause he felt bad.  Lucky me?