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Leu's Mind and Body Shop

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What I do

Snowboard, hockey, paintball, music, live concerts, slave so that I might someday have my toys.  I have a Harley in my future, ideally in time for Sturgis 2003.  That is about my only dream.

I smoke and try to consume beer on a regular basis, but I have found that my drinking comes in spurts.  My smoking, on the other hand, is as steady as a brain surgeon's hands.  Although, when I am boarding and at work I tend to smoke more.

My name is not important.  If you must call me something make it Djinn (pronounced like the liquor gin) or Leu.  I am 29 years old, 6'4", 250lbs, shaved head, brown hair when I used to have it, blue eyes.  I work for a semiconductor company.  I have lived in or been to several of the United States, and I have been to both of the coutries that border the U.S.

I played football and baseball in high school, baseball only at colleges in Oregon and Colorado.  I married right out of high school and divorced the bitch 5 years later.  I snowboard in the winter, play softball and paintball in the spring and summer, and play hockey year round.


I will warn you to come prepared for Ozzfest.  Three things you must do to ensure you have a good time, take it from me, these are things that I have learned. 

1)  Plan to get there at 6am.  Drinking past midnight the night before? You better either be camping out at the Gorge, or you might as well fucking stay up all night.  Believe me you don't want to be standing in the huge fucking line when the first band goes on.  2)  Bring beer or liquor to get warmed up while you are in line.  Only bring as much as you can drink in line, the pricks won't let you bring it in.  3)  Have your head on a swivel at all times, you must watch the band and keep an eye out for tittie shots, simultaneously.  You will get an eyeful of titties just walking around, but we all know that the shy girls got the good shit.  


Countdown to Ozzfest at WhiteRiver Amphitheatre
157 days!!  Much too long!

You will find that I have many addictions/obsessions in my life.  Ozzfest is one of them.  I have gone every year since '99 and plan to go every year it exists.  I don't advise much, but if you want to experience something that you will never forget, go to the Ozzfest nearest and soonest to you.  My venue of choice is The Gorge in Washington state.  50,000 crazy, dirty, sweaty, drunk motherfuckers spreading some friendly violence. people.

It is my firm belief that when a girl is up on some fuck's shoulders she has one responsibility, SHOW 'EM THEM TITTIES! 

The best fucking show on Earth... Ozzfest!